Planit Pit – Pitbull Review

Today I downloaded (legally) my copy of Planet Pit, from Cuban rapper Pitbull.

This is the 6th album and the guy is still on point.

I’ve been a fan since his first album M.I.A.M.I which features big tracks such as Culo and Toma.

I have to say I think Pitbull was one of the first rappers to use house music samples in his tracks and really broke the mould with rebelution with such tracks as I know you want me Calle Ocho, and Hotel Room Serice.

So the latest offering proves he’s still at the top. For a rapper that talks about his Cuban and Miami roots, its no wonder he was handed the key to the city of Miami.

Tracks that initially stand out for me are Shake Senora, Took my love (ft Redfoo of LMFAO) Something for the DJ’s (love the sexy and you know it sample) and rain over Me which features Marc Anthony

According to Ryan Seacrest, filming with Marc Anthony begins soon and will feature “gorgeous dancers, shimmering lighting, and an ultra-stylized take on rain washing over the desert.”

Looks like my summer playlist is sorted

Nice one Pitbull! Can’t wait to see you perform again when you come back to London

I for one have a Montecristo waiting for you, should you wish to indulge haha

Planet Pit is available via Itunes