Partagas Lusitanias Gran Reserva Cosecha 2007 To Hit The Market

With 2014 on the horizon and cigar smokers ready to smoke through the New Year, today we report on the first Gran Reserva from the Partagas brand, in the shape of the Lusitanias.


The Partagas Lusitanas Gran Reserva will have a limited production of 5000 numbered boxes of 15 units each, all the leaves have been aged for at least 5 years.

Partagas created in 1845, is one of the most widely recognized brands of Habanos among the most demanding smokers. Their Factory sits in the heart of Havana and is a must see for anyone visiting Cuba.


For the production of the Partagas Gran Reserva, the best tobacco leaves were selected from Vuelta Abajo, Cuba, Cosecha 2007. Which have been subjected to a long and meticulous five-year ageing process.

There was no less than 5 years of care, controlling the evolution of the aging of these precious leaves that, finally, in the master hands of the experienced cigar rollers in the Partagas factory take shape to create a unique Habano to satisfy the pleasure of the most demanding smokers.


The symbolic Lusitanias have been chosen for this unique production that makes the Gran Reserva of Partagás. A Partagas is instantly recognisable by its rich, intense flavour.

Lusitanias (ring gauge 49 x 194mm in length) is the majestic vitola that enhances the richness and aroma that characterize the Partagás blend.


The Ligero leaves used in the blend of this first Gran Reserva, comes from the San Juan y Martinez (D.O.P) Tobacco district, where the rich San Juan soils provide the blend with the Partagas brand’s distinctive strength.

The Seco leaves, meanwhile, have been selected from the San Luis Tobacco district, which provides an unparalleled aroma to its Tobacco, a reason to be famous in Cuba and around the world.

The extremely meticulous work in selecting leaves from the Cosecha 2007 for these Lusitanias were carried out by the legendary Ligador Master Blender at the Partagas Factory under the supervision of the Instituto del Tabaco-Tobacco Institute.

All the Habanos in this first Gran Reserva of Partagas have been produced Totalmente a Mano Tripa Larga-Totally handmade long filler, by the most experienced torcedores, cigar rollers.

The Gran Reserva Partagás Lusitanias, conceived with enthusiasts in mind, has a single production of 5,000 individually numbered cases each containing 15 units.

The Gran Reserva Partagás Lusitanias brings news in the brand image; it incorporates new elements as a QR code (talk about new world meets old world) in its boxes and also incorporated in the back side of the band.


The Gran Reserva Lusitanias are now available around the world to order, even here in the UK. Get them at


Here’s the technical info you need:
Brand: Partagas
Commercial Name: Lusitanias Gran Reserva Cosecha 2007
Factory Name: Lusitanias
Measures: 49 ring gauge (19.45 mm) x 194 mm in length
Presentation: 5.000 Exclusive individually numbered Cases of 15 units each

We’ve just been informed that stocks are very limited but box’s are available at priced at £811.50 but we are told ‘get your order in now before they are gone’