OHAYO there! (It’s a drink)

**Discovery Alert**

OHAYO, the mini bottle of goodness that boosts hydration with one super-concentrated shot of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes.
Simply translated as “good morning” in Japanese, OHAYO is your new best friend when it comings to helping you seize the day!


Available in handy 150ml bottles, OHAYO can be consumed at home or on the go, whenever it’s needed the most. That could be a quick recharge after a workout, a much-needed refresh to help stay on top form at a music festival or a great way to help stay hydrated on a long journey.

OHAYO is also great after a night out (Tried and tested!) Take it just before bed to help combat the night’s effects and wake up feeling fresh and ready for another day. If you leave OHAYO on your nightstand before going out, a peel of the label will make the bottle glow in the dark, visible to even the most weary night owl!

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OHAYO is vegan-friendly, gluten and dairy free with no artificial flavourings. The flavour is potent and powerful, because just one bottle of OHAYO is jam-packed with the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that the body loses each day, in a supercharged boost that can be consumed in just a couple of gulps. Each little bottle contains vitamins C and B to help reduce tiredness and fatigue, magnesium to contribute to the body’s electrolyte balance and potassium to help maintain a normal blood pressure. 

For most many of us staying hydrated isn’t easy and most don’t realise how dehydration affects them in both small and big ways. Now that OHAYO is available in a tiny pocket-sized shot, it’s never been easier to boost your hydration throughout the day.

OHAYO was founded by entrepreneurial duo Sanam Petri and Douglas Wolfson:

“We’ve been taking it ourselves for years,” says Petri. “It’s great after the gym, at festivals or after a night out. it always helps.” Wolfson said, “We named it OHAYO, Japanese for ‘good morning,’ because we wanted to help make every day for those who drink it a good day.”

OHAYO is available to buy at Harvey Nichols for £3.75 a bottle or as multipacks online at ohayotomorrow.com. OHAYO have also teamed up with Pedals to help Londoners get their hands on bottles ASAP thanks to a delivery service in under 90 minutes.

OHAYO Pedals