New Duracell Powermat

There is nothing worse than heading on a night out and realising your Iphone is on 49%.

This is when you start to worry. Will the battery last? will I be able to Tweet? what happens if it dies before I get to meet my mates?

The clever clogs at Duracell have come up with a solution to combat this problem so you can update your status as many people as you like while your on the move – Its Called the Duracell Powermat

The new Advert has just gone live and features how the Powermat can help you in your everyday life. the video culminates in a club when a mysterious ‘B’ calls Jay-Z’s phone – anyway watch the video to see for yourself.

From the look at the size of the Powermat, it seems compact enough to not take up too much room in your pocket (although Jay-Z probably has someone who carries it for him)

There is also a small cameo from Luxury champagne brand Armand De Brignac which is owned by Jay-Z.

Here’s the video: