Mother Clucker at The Endurance Review

Growing up in London we practically lived in chicken shops eating more than our body weight in questionable quality chicken.

So think how happy we were to be invited down to Mother Clucker to sample some real home made fried chicken.

Mother Clucker

Mother Clucker has opened its wings and set up shop at The Endurance pub, Soho until the end of April and offers mouth-watering traditional Southern, twice fried, free-range chicken, marinated in sweet tea brine for over 12 hours, coated in buttermilk and a secret blend of spices. Beat that tacky London chicken shop!

As self-proclaimed chicken connoisseurs we felt it was our duty to head down there on our lunch break and sample the chicken that everyone has been talking about and this is how it went down…

We took our seats and were presented with a menu with 3 items on it.

The staple dish of the MC Endurance menu is the Mother Clucker Combo consisting of a cup of Cluster Clucks, a French trimmed drumstick, waffle fries and an American biscuit.

If that doesn’t take your fancy they have a hearty Chicken Biscuit Burger which is fried chicken breast layered with homemade American jalapeño cheese and hot sauce in a biscuit bun served with waffle fries. MC bring a taste of Louisiana to Soho with their Creole Red Jambalaya, cooked New Orleans style with rice, chicken, smoked sausage and tomatoes.

Mother Clucker Wings

We decided to go for the wings, fried jalapeños and waffle cheese fries as it seemed like the smallest thing to eat for lunch…. Boy were we wrong!

The size of 1 wing was probably the same size as 2 normal wings so we knew we had a challenge ahead of us #cutthecapvsfood.

The chips were home cut which is hard to find these days and were drenched in cheese (heaven)

Mother Clucker Fries

As the food arrived we looked at each other with the ‘how the hell am I going to finish this?’ look but through perseverance, dedication and the extra hole on our belts we were able to work our way through the wings and sides!

If you are interested in checking out Mother Clucker we suggest doing so before the end of April when the residency at The Endurance comes to an end.

We went back to work with full bellies and the daunting task of not falling into a food coma.

Check out Mother Clucker on Facebook, Twitter an Instagram (search Cluck_you) and if you want to check it out at lunch make sure you book to avoid disappointment (evening seating is first come first served!)

This is fried chicken as it is meant to be eaten.
Mother Clucker can be found at The Endurance, 90 Berwick Street, London, W1F 0QB
18th March until 28th April 2013
Lunch 12 – 4, Dinner 6 – 10