May Fair Hotel Puts The Heat Back Into Cigar Smoking

I started this site over a year ago with the intention of removing the stereotypes associated with cigar smoking and that its not all about a stuffy room decorated with rich mahogany and filled with middle aged men like a secret society.

Today it seems The May Fair Hotel joins me in a quest to break those barriers and encourage people to start smoking cigars as a great sociable activity.
This spring the hotel opens the “The Cigar Room at The May Fair”.

Designed to be the best COSA (cosy, outdoor smoking area) in London, the newly created Cigar Experience will offer the finest Cuban cigars from Hunters & Frankau, plus exclusive products on the smoking menu unique to the May Fair.
What makes this smoking area different from the hundreds other in London you ask? Well let me tell you!

They are turning the concept of cigars on its head and burning the rule book to create a more feminine experience’ through the use of cutting edge and stimulating design.

Plans are in place for “hanging gardens” and striking chain mail clad walls. Live fireplaces will also add to the theatre of the space in colder months keeping you warm enough to enjoy a fine Cuban outside.

Individual humidors will be provided, so that smokers can leave their Cigars in perfect condition for future enjoyment. I’m sure there will be a cost associated with this, but if you like the ambience which I’m sure you will form what we are hearing, then why not.

To give the COSA an extra layer of perfection, the newly appointed Cigar Concierge will invite smokers to trial new brands and latest releases with experts who will talk through the specific qualities and tastes of each, making cigar smoking available for experts and beginners.

So you have the cigars, you have the location, now you need the drink pairing.

We are told The May Fair will have the finest Cognacs, Armagnacs and high end single malts joined by a Martini trolley and vintage champagnes from the hotel’s bar “150 at the May Fair”.

Just from looking at their menu I can see that a Red Rum cocktail would make a good choice for a cigar. Using Havana Club Anejo 7 year old rum, mixed with watermelon and honeydew melon I can imagine this being a good choice to pair up with a nice cigar.

The hotel will also offer a tasting package and expert advice from Masters of each spirit to add to the sipping pleasure of guests.
Anthony Lee, General Manager (and the guy you need to know) explained:

“Staying at the May Fair is all about a blend of experiences unique to our hotel,”
He also went on to say “With the Cigar Room we are creating somewhere our guests can feel relaxed and at ease while indulging in their passion for fine cigars.

“When we launched, the May Fair transformed and made five star luxury inclusive. Now we will do something similar for cigar smoking; banishing the gentleman’s club atmosphere and catering for women, the stylish and successful and, of course, the more traditional cigar connoisseur.”

Sounds like a man with a plan. With so many cigar bars offering the same atmosphere around Central London, it seems the May Fair could be the new spot to find me after work for a cocktail and a cigar.

What also makes the idea of the terrace even better is that they are targeting females more than males, which means you can take your partner for some cocktails while you puff away. (everyone’s a winner)

Cut the Cap will be planning a visit once the COSA opens in spring 2012, but in the meantime, keep clicking over to for more information.
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The hotel has had some great guest stay there in the past from 50 cent to Roger Sanchez to Paris Hilton. Check out their YouTube channel here.

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