Luce by Hotpoint… The James Bond of Kitchens

We’ve been talking a lot about James Bond recently, so in keeping with that theme we thought we’d do a bit of James Bond-style cooking… Yeah we can do that!

Allow us to cast our minds back to a week ago to when Cut The Cap was invited by Hotpoint to make an Italian meal with Theo Randall, an esteemed English chef who specialises in Italian culinary creations. We knew had our work cut out but never like to say no! Plus we were intrigued as the evening was designed for men who’d been inspired to put spatula to saucepan for the first time, as well as those who are already at home in the kitchen…

And the even better news for us is the lovely/brave people at Hotpoint allowed us to experiment with their brand new man-friendly kitchen technology in the hope that it saved us from our usual cooking disasters. Oh yeah we just said man and kitchen in the same sentence without the word fire… weird. We know.

James Bond's kitchen

How were we going to achieve this feat and create our own chef-grade meal? With High Definition cooking ( of course and with a little something called Luce by Hotpoint collection – the high specification kitchen appliances that are minimalist, smart, clean-cut, just like Bond, strong performance AND here’s the kicker – energy efficient! #ResultForTheEnvironment.

Before we got stuck in we watched Theo work his magic and cook a’simple meal’ beginning with vegetable and seafood tempura followed by homemade butternut squash and ricotta ravioli, ending with a chocolate masterpiece. Helpfully he talked us through all the ingredients, explaining their origin and reason for being selected for the recipe as well as showing us the techniques needed to create our own meal. No word of a lie each dish tasted awesome!!

It was then down to us to have a go… queue some quite exquisite (probably not Theo’s choice of words) rolling of pasta for our ravioli and careful placement of the butternut squash and ricotta mixture which was followed by folding, sticking, gentle cupping (yes that’s a real cooking term!) patting and finally cutting. Believe it or not it actually looked and tasted like ravioli too!

This was a fantastic experience and (to a certain extent!) we succeed at something totally new. But don’t take our word for it, here’s the cool bit, you can experience this all for yourself first hand.

Luce by Hotpoint has teamed up with chef Theo Randall to offer a one-off ‘Man-Made’ cookery master class. Five lucky home cooks can win the chance to hone their kitchen skills under the watchful eye of Theo, using the new Luce by Hotpoint range of appliances. The Theo Randall Man-Made master class will take place on 3rd December from 2pm – 9pm at the Hotpoint Design Centre, London – Click here to enter. Good luck!