Legend Alert: Mach Schau Gallery, Central London

Word has just drop on Cut The Cap’s desk that a genuine legend drops in at Mach Schau gallery tomorrow to appear alongside legendary images of The Beatles.

For anyone that has an interest in acting like animals (you know who you are), Dan Richter will be doing a book signing at gallery Mach Schau, 46-48 Beak Street today (Wednesday Decemeber 6th) at 6pm.

Dan Richter was a struggling mime artist in 1966 when he received a call summoning him to discuss the incomplete opening sequence of 2001: A Space Odyssey, then being shot by Stanley Kubrick in London. Deeply impressed by the young mime, Kubrick promptly hired Richter to choreograph and star in “The Dawn of Man” sequence as Moonwatcher, the man-ape who opens the epic film about the origin and future of humankind.

Set three million years ago, “The Dawn of Man” tells the story of a tribe of our man-ape ancestors, who take the first step on the long road to modern humanity. Determined to make an anthropologically accurate film, Kubrick insisted on much more than the worn convention of men jumping around in “monkey suits.” Here are the stories behind 2001’s landmark achievements in make-up, costume, choreography, and cutting-edge cinematography that have made this film an enduring achievement.

Oh – and he was also John and Yoko’s assistant 1969-73 (with beard)

“I lived with John and Yoko from 1969 to 1973. I was Dan, a friend who came along for the ride, a coconspirator, attending artist, chamberlain, confidant, assistant and dope buddy; Yoko’s “American friend”. I was an insider who witnessed the break up of the Beatles, John and Yoko in love and John’s transition from being a major rock star to the hagiographic status that he holds today. I was there from the first days at Tittenhurst Park in Ascot where we recorded Imagine to political days in New York and then their retreat into that castle of an apartment house on Central Park West ‘The Dakota’.”

Join Mach Schau this Wednesday from 6pm. Wine will be served along with anecdotes… #NotToBeMissed