Kopparberg to the rescue with Alcohol Free Strawberry & Lime!

Struggling through these last 11 days of Dry January? Fear not, fellow drinkers. Kopparberg are here to save the day adding Strawberry & Lime to their line of guilt alcohol free cider.

Whilst we don’t particularly see ourselves as regular heavy drinkers, it can sometimes be a tough task being in social surroundings and having a lemonade. The embarrassment of ordering a diet coke at the pub is enough to put you off completely. But with a proper range of alcohol free ciders from Kopparberg (Strawberry & Lime is actually the third flavour) we can feel a little less awkward, and a lot better about popping in to the local for a bevvy or two.

Kopparberg Head of Marketing, Rob Calder, says: “Our alcohol free range is spot on for those looking for a less indulgent treat after the festive season. We’ve taken three of our most popular flavours, Strawberry & Lime, Mixed Fruit and Pear and made them alcohol free, to make sure our fans can still enjoy Kopparberg despite New Year’s resolutions or ‘Dry January’ absintence.”

So where can you get the new Kopparberg Alcohol Free Strawberry & Lime? You can find the 500ml bottles in Tesco, with the other two flavours, Pear and Mixed Fruit, available at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Waitrosem and Asda.

Alcohol Free Strawberry and Limesmall[1]