Jay Z Comador Cigar – Video On Production Process

We recently reported on the collaboration between Jay Z and General Cigar Co to launch the Comador – a luxury cigar that’s wrapped in a Connecticut Havana leaf, aged, and then finished in Dominican barrels.

We at CTC are a bit skeptical at paying £600 for 21 cigars, but that could be because we have been spoilt with Cuban cigars on tap here in the UK.

Then again, Jay-Z is a very smart businessman so we are also sure he wouldn’t stick a price tag on them unless they were worth it, and with the cigar industry it doesn’t matter who you are – a cigar is a cigar.

While we wait patiently for Cigar Aficionado to review the Comador cigar (until we get a chance to) the latest episode of The Blueprint, Life + Times has been released and this time documents the process behind the unique blend and follows it from the plantations in Connecticut to the hands of the rollers in the Dominican Republic.

Check it out here:


For more info on the Comador cigar, check out their website here. Currently they only ship to the USA.