Grey Goose Iconoclasts of Taste

For those of you that know us well it will come as little surprise that the Grey Goose project, ‘Iconoclasts of Taste’, has caught our eye and last week we headed to Future Galleries by London’s Leicester Square (yes, we spend a lot of time around there!) to find out whats under the hood…

Before going into the detail to give you some brief background, the project has been set up to support new movements in food & drink, championing iconoclasts – you know the ones, those rarest of individuals that say no to the norm, turn a blind eye to habit and deliver something better than we’ve ever had before… coincidently as François Thibault once did with vodka when he gave us Grey Goose! Amen.

Many different ideas and concepts have been considered for this most special of projects and in order to choose the very best it needed the best to chose them. So Grey Goose (a bit like Marvel) have assembled a team of super Iconoclasts – mixologist Tony Conigliaro, fashion designer Giles Deacon, curator Carrie Scott and chef Nuno Mendes who all understand the skill and determination required to bring revolutionary ideas to life. Their unique experiences have enabled them to identify three extraordinary new visions. Visions that fly in the face of convention. Visions that will change the way we think about food and drink.

The Panel of ICONOCLASTS: Grey Goose Iconoclasts of Taste

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But just what are those ideas? To start the project, the panel has selected three exciting ideas to bring to life and whilst enjoying a lovely Grey Goose cocktail we where lucky enough to be amongst the first to try them:

chocolate and caviar? Grey Goose Iconoclasts of Taste

Dr Rachel Edwards-Stuart – ‘To use science to explore how we match flavours in food and drink’

Rachel Edwards-Stuart earned her stripes as a leading flavour expert after winning a highly sought after spot on the Heston Blumenthal sponsored ‘Science of Cooking’ PhD course. It was here that she fostered her passion for exploring flavours and textures, and became intrigued by the way people’s perception of food affects their dining experience. She is about to embark on new research into the scientific deconstruction of elements of food and drink to create new and exciting flavour combinations, particularly in food and cocktail pairing.


Edible art! Grey Goose Iconoclasts of Taste

Tasha Marks – ‘To challenge the way we perceive food by presenting it as art’

Tasha Marks, a food historian specialising in decadent desserts, started her career in food with jellymonger extraordinaries, Bompass and Parr. Here she honed her eye for unexpected and inventive edible creations. In 2011 she founded Animal Vegetable Mineral, which has been exploring the relationship between art and food through a series of high calibre events and edible inventions. Their practice is heavily influenced by history, with diverse interests ranging from 16th century cabinets of curiosity to 1930s medicinal cookery.


Bugs for dinner! Grey Goose Iconoclasts of Taste

Ento – ‘To introduce insects to the western diet as a delicious sustainable source of protein’

Jon Fraser, along with AranDasan, Jacky Chung, and Julene Aguirre-Bielschowsky, devised the project, motivated by the growing issue of food sustainability in an increasingly hungry world. For Ento, insects are a suitable alternative to traditional livestock, and more efficient to produce. Through a series of well-designed products and well-created dishes, Ento believe an acceptance can be built to overcome some of these cultural obstacles. Their aim being to launch their food label Ento, selling insect protein products, via quality food retailers. Promoting a message of sustainability, designed to be forward-looking, Ento seek to position insect based products as a future food option. Through a series of food and eating experiences, the group hope to build awareness of the benefits of edible insects and challenge our cultural habits in order to encourage acceptance.

Each of the selected projects will also have specially produced cocktails to partner them, created by Grey Goose for iconoclast fans everywhere. Like what you’ve read? Good good because if our tastebuds are anything to go buy you’re in for a real treat when pop shops for all of these appear in London later in the year… and when they do, you fair reader have a job to do – Support the visions! All bold new ideas need the support of those who are able to see possibilities where others cannot. Each vision will rely on early adopters who are prepared to stand up for ideas they believe in. Each vision will rely on your support! For more information on the project you can visit and to to keep up-to-date with the lastest new visit and like or follow Iconoclasts of taste

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