Havana Club 3 Year and Montecristo Number 2

At the weekend I was invited to a BBQ, and you know what that means….cigar time!

While my brother and close friends opted for the Montecristo Edmundo and Cohiba Esplendidos, I opted for the Montecristo Number 2.

To complement the cigar and get the real Cuban feel, it’s all about a glass of 3 year Havana Club with lemonade and a wedge of lime.

Normally I would say mojito, however at a BBQ the second you break out the lime you have a queue longer than the post office on a Monday morning.

The trick with the Havana is to slowly make it stronger and stronger till you get to the point where its 80% rum and 20% lemonade.

The cigar is up there as one of my favourites. Smooth, mild, and gives off nice flavours throughout.

Thanks to Daniel and Maxine for a lovely BBQ, and a great opportunity to smoke a cigar outside

Havana Club 3 year


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