H. Upmann Half Corona Announced

Rejoice fellow Cigar lovers, as we have a new vitola in the family!

Announced by Habanos, the H. Upmann Half Corona is now available in cabinets of 25 with a 5 pack coming soon in an ALUMINIUM flask. How very exciting. There are no pictures of the aluminium flask but check out the gallery below for the Half Corona’s sexy press shots:


Want to learn more about the Vitola? We also have the full press release translated from Spanish to English thanks to our dear friend, El Goog (Google Translate)


Half Crown, the new band of H. Upmann in a format that lets you enjoy a cigar in any circumstance, is receiving a great response worldwide.
The flavor of H. Upmann, especially suitable for those who want an aromatic flavor, balanced with a soft to medium strength makes this cigar right for a brief moment of enjoyment.

Herman Upmann was a German banker whose love of cigars * led him to settle in Havana in 1840. He founded a bank and Habanos factory in 1844. The bank closed, but the cigar brand continues to this day, considered one example of the finest cigars * with a mild-medium strength flavor.

The H. Upmann cigar band Half Crown (girth 44 x 90mm long) is consistent with the current circumstances that exist for many cigar lovers, or becoming interested in the world of Habanos. Many prefer a short band size as a solution to the short time available and few places to smoke, without sacrificing the fullness of sensations that can offer a Habano.

The connected brand is made with leaves from the Vuelta Abajo in Pinar del Rio *, * Cuba *. Habanos are made * “entirely by hand with long filler.” The excellent quality and long history that shows the brand is reflected in the gold medals that adorn the box, obtained in no fewer than eleven international exhibitions during the nineteenth century and are a feature of this brand.

This format has been incorporated into the brand H. Upmann is an invitation to a short puff of a blend nice. H. Half Upmann Corona is also ideal for those who engage in the extraordinary world of Habanos. The new band of H. Upmann is receiving a great reception in all countries where it is occurring.

The box of 25 units of H. Half Upmann Corona is now available in many countries. The flask of 5 units will arrive during 2012.

Brand: H. Upmann
Output Vitola: Half Crown
Galley Vitola: Half Crown
Dimensions: Girth 44 (17.46 mm) x length 90 mm.
Presentations: Enabled drawer 25. (Already available)
Aluminum Flask 5 units