Fright Night review

Last night I attended the Empire Big Screen Premiere of the new Horror Fright Night.

Going in my expectations were quite low with it being another remake from a 80s popular horror flick. (Admittedly I have not even seen the original)

My other reservation for the film was that it was in 3D , leaving me wondering if the 3D will actually be any good, or will it be a shamefully ‘converted into 3D’ just to keep in with the cool kids.

The film was presented by Star David ‘Doctor Who’ Tennant who stars in the film as Las Vegas Magician Peter Vincent, and he played the role perfectly. (genius comic timing)

The film surprised me. The storyline was excellent, the script was very well written. (This could be because Marti ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ Noxon wrote the screenplay) and the cast were a great choice.

The storyline had you laughing 1 second and then crapping yourself the next. It reminded me of the Evil Dead Movies, with a splash of Lost Boys thrown in, where they manage to switch between the 2 genres really well throughout.

Colin Farrell plays the dark and broody Vampire named ‘Jerry’ alongside a well-chosen cast of Anton Yelchin, Toni Collete and Christopher ‘Mclovin’ Mintz –Plasse.

As with Any horror film, some parts were predictable, however you’d expect that with any horror film. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the film and the 3D explosions and blood was very good!

The only thing I didnt like… showed a lot of Las Vegas at a time when I had the Vegas Blues 🙁

I could easily sit through that again and it’s definitely a one for Blu-Ray when it comes out….. That’s if Ebay doesn’t sue them (a joke you will get once you have seen it)