Flexi Football – Just book and Play!

Flexi_FootballJumper for goal posts, rush-goalkeeper and no worries football – those were the days! Well it certainly beats stressing about if you have enough players, travelling for 3 hours on a bus to play for 20 minutes or having a manager shouting at you because you left your A-game in the pub the night before.


If this is all sounding a little too familiar then rejoice in the awesomeness that is Flexi Football! Interested? Allow us to summarise… it’s the company that puts football players together to make full 11-aside games without people having to join a regular league. Guys pay £8 per game and can play as regularly or as irregularly as they like during the season. You can even sign up can a team too and Flexi Football will put together the other 11 together for them.

Flexi Football on Clapham Common

  • You play 90 minutes of football in 11-aside teams, full size grass pitches, fully ref’d and with a team bib.
  • No hassle, no politics and no commitments.
  • Just book the time you want, pay your subs, and everything else is taken care of.
  • All you have to do is turn up with shorts, t shirt, boots and socks and play 11 – aside football at a time and venue that suits you.

At the moment London is the lucky city they have set up in with venues on Clapham Common and in Regents Park, but Anna Symons (company owner) has plans to expand this to other cities soon so keep checking the site for updates.

Chatting with the one of the founders of the concept they explained that “The whole aim is Flexible Football is play when you want, no hassle, commitment, training, away trips which take half the day, and no politics, just play 11 a-side football!’ and that sounds good to us!

Currently with 2000+ players registered, playing 4-6 games a week with sponsorship from various bars and nightclubs Flexi Football has picked up some real momentum and games can get booked out weeks in advance – so don’t miss out dust off those boots and register here for a game today!