The Flash Extended Trailer

The Flash has stepped onto the Internet and today we have an extended look with a 5 minute trailer.

Airing on The CW in the USA DC Comics have revealed our first look into their latest series cleverly called…. The Flash.
From what we can see, the show will act as a back story to Barry Allen and how tragic and mysterious events lead him on the path he was destined to follow.

We find out about his love interest, the fight he has on his hands with Weather Wizard, and more.

There’s also a cameo appearance from Arrow which indicates there could be some DC cross over with other shows.
It would seem Marvel has won the cinema battle but DC is leading the battle of TV with Gotham also set to swing onto TV.

We were big fans of the 90s series so fingers crossed for this show.

Check out the extended trailer for The Flash here, quick as you can!