Film Poster Friday – The Evil Dead

Its been a while but we are back and boy do we have a beauty fro you today with the poster for The Evil Dead.

We recently posted the trailer which looks amazing and now we have a creepy looking poster to go with it.

This time around, director Fede Alvarez (overseen by Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi) is putting a group of teens through their demonic paces. When five twenty-something friends hole up in a remote cabin to help Mia (Jane Levy) maintain her sobriety, they discover its dark secrets.

Chief among those secrets is the Necronomicon and, when its terrible power is unleashed, they all fall victim to the forces of evil. Yes we know you are all thinking young people, cabin, horror – its all been done before…. but I have a feeling this will be different…we hope anyway.

It’s possessing cinemas from 19th April so watch this space for more info.