Enrique Iglesias takes on Atlantico Rum

It seems promoting Vodka is ‘so last season’ and now the tables have turned and its Rums turn to share the spotlight (its about  rumming time)

Earlier this month, it was announced global singer Enrique Iglesias has entered into a partnership with Dominican dark rum brand Atlantico.

The singer said that he was immediately drawn to the entrepreneurial spirit and passion that the founders of the hand crafted Dominican rum brand had for developing a world-class product.

“Rum is a sexy category,” said Iglesias. “It’s all about escape: the islands, sun, sand, water, relaxation. With Atlantico Rum’s quality, there’s an added classic Caribbean sophistication that I really relate to”.

Enrique Iglesias currently appears in the brand’s Discover Your Atlantico marketing campaign, which features the tag line “The world’s best entertainers drink the world’s best rum”, and I can’t agree more. ( Cut the Cap is fueled on Rum and cigars)

At his Miami concert earlier this year the singer invited a number of audience members to join him on stage as he took time out from performing to share a glass of Atlantico rum with his fans. Now that is Product placement at his finest.

At least its better than what he used to do at his concerts. He used to select 1 girl to kiss and serneade with ‘hero’….on stage……in front of everyone!

“We are thrilled to have Enrique as our partner. His hard work and determination to succeed are characteristics we share, and we look forward to growing Atlantico together,” said Atlantico co-founder Brandon Lieb.

I’m yet to try this rum however I will be looking out for this to sample a tipple or 2 and will report back on how this pairs with a cigar.

Check out the video below of Enrique drinking shots of the rum…Clearly he’s never been to Rumfest


  1. Hi. I’ d lime to buy Enrique Iglesias , but i guess i’ll be ok just with the Atlantico bag purchase. where can i buy it? Thanxssss

  2. Hi.. Actually when i first saw Atlantico cap over Enrique iglesias’s head,i totally fell in love with it.So will you help me where can i buy it.

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