Eminem comeback LP in 2013?

First Guy Richie and Madonna did it, on T-shirts and now it seems Eminem is doing it on a Baseball cap…
Doing what?! Well the Midwest rapper has hinted via a baseball cap that he’ll release a new LP in the year 2013. We have to give it to him its somewhat of an original publicity device.

As reported by CMU news Marshall Mathers wore the  un-subliminal hat – as is embroidered with dates matching the release years of his solo records to date plus 2013 at the end – at Sunday night’s World Series baseball game.

Just in case you’re sitting there wondering ‘surely he could have done something else in all those years’, replicas of the hat is now also available for sale on the rapper’s online store with a product description announcing that the “side panel is dedicated to the landmark Eminem solo albums“. Nuff said we thinks.