El Rey Del Mundo NL No. 1 Regional Review

With the weather on our side this weekend we decided to go for something a little different to the usual cigars we always find ourselves smoking. After a recent cigar cruise (yep they do exist) to Belgium we picked up some El Rey Del Mundo Netherland No.1 Regionals so thought we’d give it a go.
El Rey Del Mundo Netherland Regional9
Released in 2011, these 115mm by 52 ring gauge cigars are the perfect size smoke for the temperamental UK weather , and as were such fans of the El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme we were very excited to be sampling its European cousin.
The cigar felt well constructed as packed in tightly, with a smooth wrapper letting off those sweet El Rey Del Mundo smells we know and love.
There was nothing left to do but light up.

First third
Upon lighting the cigar we were initially hit with a really right draw and the flavours that were coming through they were quite peppery with a slight bitterness. For a regional we were quite shocked, seeing as the special attention regional cigars get. However we didn’t want to give up on the cigar as it could have been a personal taste so we powered through.
The peppery notes did subside halfway through the first third, and once they did we found it to be very mild with light cedar notes. There was also a hint of leathery cream which are almost felt like a pre-promotion of what was to come later on.
El Rey Del Mundo Netherland Regional5
Second Third
Into the second third, and those creamy notes were starting to shine through. There was also some leathery notes but with the tight draw problems, it really took the pleasure away from the whole experience.
The woodsy cedar taste almost reminded us of an old quality antiques shop, but not the type you find on the high street, we’re talking more uptown Chelsea / Kensington style Antique shop. High brow sh*t.
El Rey Del Mundo Netherland Regional6
Final Third
Into the home stretch and the cigar was pretty much the same as the second third, with a mild flavour, however the tight draw was still there and really distracting us, taking every bit of enjoyment we had out of the cigar experience.
The best way we can describe it; smoking this cigar is a bit like watching a foreign film with no subtitles, the story was there but we just couldn’t follow it, so you end up going off it.
Overall, as you can tell we weren’t blown away by these cigars. Normally we wouldn’t judge the cigar after one smoke, however there was a few of us smoking the same cigar and we all had the same problem with tight draw, which took alot away from the enjoyment of the cigar.In our opinion we’d rather just pick up a box of Choix Supreme and save the time and money of going to Belgium just to pick them up, however giving El Rey Del Mundo the benefit of the doubt perhaps it was just a bad box. (sometimes we are just too nice)
El Rey Del Mundo Netherland Regional7
Something we like to do after smoking a cigar is take it apart and inspect the leaves within the cigar. We found this cigar to be very well constructed and packed in very tightly, which could be the reason for the really tight draw.
El Rey Del Mundo Netherland Regional8
If you’ve had a different experience, then let us know as we would love to hear your thoughts.