El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme Review

Its the beginning of winter (aka Autumn) and cigar smokers all over the UK are rushing to get through as many cigars as possible while the relatively mild weather is still here. CTC have been doing the same and this weekend opted for the El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme.

We were enticed into this stick after a recent visit to Casa in Soho and after hearing what to expect from the smoke, it was only right one was purchased purely for reviewing purposes (promise!)


El Rey Del Mundo was founded in 1882 by the Antonio Allones factory, which had been making Habanos for over 30 years. They decided to launch a new brand of premium quality and price. With great confidence but little modesty it was named “El Rey del Mundo” – meaning The King of the World. (No Titanic jokes please)

This success lives on to this day in a selected range of Habanos renowned for its light to medium flavour and consistency.

You can pick up the Choix Supreme from Humibros.com for £11.50 a stick or £285 for a box of 25.


Looking at the cigar it was constructed very well, like a high quality Cuban cigar should be. There wasn’t an overdose of veins and the cigar was soft but compact, with a darker leaf wrapper the cigar felt consistent throughout. There wasn’t much of a pre-light aroma usually enjoyed from such cigars like a Hoyo for example, but that didn’t get in the way as the proof was in the pudding.

Upon lighting we found the draw was quite easy and loose to pull. The flavours coming through felt a little peppery but mixed with a slight chocolate aroma letting off this sweet & spicy flavour.

Powering through to the 2nd third, the peppery spice had subsided and the chocolate flavour really came into play alongside a slight nutty flavour with a subtle hint of honey, all the while not being too intrusive and remaining true to the light to medium flavour that the cigar has been labelled as.


On to the last 3rd and now the chocolate flavours really opened up offering a well-balanced cigar which isn’t too intense. The flavours were great and as a light to medium cigar, it’s definitely something that will be smoked again in the future.

Overall, the Choix Supreme is a consistent cigar from start to finish, the sweet aromas really come into play towards the end and it’s a perfect cigar for someone who is perhaps a beginner or even for an experienced smoker to enjoy in the summer heat, by the beach or in the morning to kick off the cigar smoker’s day.

Unfortunately the rum wasn’t in play during this session, so was unable to pair up but if we had to guess we‘d have probably gone for a Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros to complement the sweetness of the cigar.


Origin: Cuba
Brand: El Rey Del Mundo
Cigar: Choix Supreme
Length: 5”
Ring: 48
Strength: Light to Medium
Cost: Average £11.49 a stick, Box of 25; £285 from Humibros.com