Drake Hold On We’re Coming Video

Rapper / Singer / actor Drake has unveiled his cinematic music video for his latest track ‘Hold On We’re Going Home’

It can only be described as Miami Vice meets Scarface meets an R.Kelly 90s R&B video.

The video kicks off with Drake and friends (including A$AP Rocky) celebrating in a club (as you do) while Drakes pretty fiancé is at home dressed in lingerie naturally waiting for him to return. (she must have been cold)

Lucky for her she wasn’t cold for long as she gets kidnapped, and Drake get a ransom call in the club. God knows how he could hear amongst the loud noises of an 80s nightclub but like the A-Team they hit the road to get her back.

Conveniently they know exactly where to get her, and kill the lead bad guy, who is Manny from Scarface! Remember him? Tony killed him for sleeping with his sister. Looks like he’s still up to no good!

Gutted there was no cigar smoking in this video!
Our idea for the video would be something like this:

Drake’s wife has cooked a fabulous roast dinner while Drake is at the club.

Drake gets a call from the angry wife wondering where he is, with his response “Hold on, We’re coming Home” –THE END!

Anyway, enough with the CTC commentary, check it out for yourself:

Drake ~ Hold On We’re Going Home from OctobersVeryOwn on Vimeo.