Don Julio Presents The UK’s First Drinkable Art Cocktail Serve

A famous man once said ‘oh tequila, it makes me happy’ and last week we were lucky to experience how happy it makes you thanks to Don Julio.

Premium tequila brand Don Julio hosted a launch event at M restaurants, London’s hottest new steak & Sushi restaurant to launch the don Julio drinkable art exhibit.

Don Julio M Restaurant Drinkable Art4

I know what you are thinking ‘art? Drinkabe?’ but yes it is infact a mixture of art and cocktails from the tequila brand.

The new installation is to celebrate The Year of Mexico in 2015, and to do so Tequila Don Julio created an innovative new fusion between art and drink called The Don.

This pioneering cocktail serve is an interactive drinkable art piece, which holds approximately 100 cocktail serves and is the first of its kind in the UK.

Don Julio M Restaurant Drinkable Art6

As guests fill their cocktail glasses from different cocktail chambers within, the artwork transforms from a Mexican sugar skull to reveal a portrait of the iconic Don Julio González himself.

Don Julio M Restaurant Drinkable Art5

We went down for the launch and were lucky enough to drink through to see the image transform from the skull into the man himself. Not to mention the cocktails were amazing to drink (coming from a man that usually doesn’t like tequila)

“Don Julio González was the founder of Don Julio and the man who introduced luxury tequila to the world. In the same way that Don Julio González pushed the boundaries of tequila, I am keen to come up with new and innovative ways for people to experience tequila. The Drinkable Art is the first in a series of limited edition serves and was co-created by Accept & Proceed who specialise in physical design and incorporation of technology into art pieces.” Deano Moncrieffe, Western European Don Julio Brand Ambassador.

Don Julio M Restaurant Drinkable Art3

This pioneering cocktail serve comes in at two metres tall and a metre wide, and is called The Don to honour a man who is widely respected as being the father of luxury tequila. The Don sits on top of a specifically designed stand, which allows seasonal cocktails to be served from the three cocktail chambers with ease. As guests interact with the art and fill their cocktail glass from one of three bespoke taps, the picture transforms in front of them. Changing from a sugar skull image, which is a representation of the famous Day of the Dead Festival in Mexico, to a portrait of the iconic Don Julio González, the founder of Don Julio.

While at the launch event, we managed to get some time with Don Julio brand ambassador Deano Moncrieffe who was kind enough to give us a tasting of the Don Julio 1942 which was incredible to sip. Very smooth with chocolate notes. Unlike any tequila we have experienced.

If you fancy a tipple from the art exhibit (and we strongly recommenced you do), get yourself down to see The Don at M Restaurants, 60 Threadneedle St, London EC2R 8HP and enjoy a cocktail. And if you are lucky you may even see the art image change as you sip.