Doisy & Dam’s Nut Butter Cups

I have a sweet tooth. I also have a sensitivity to sugar which is an issue, to say the least. So I was pretty pleased to find something that can help satisfy that sweet tooth and keep your body happy…
British chocolatiers, Doisy & Dam have a range of Nut Butter Cups, available in two delectable flavours; Hazelnut and AlmondBoth Cups consist of a silky smooth dark chocolate outer shell with a flavoursome nut butter filling. Licking your lips yet??!
Not only are the Cups delicious, but they are also low in sugar, contain no palm oil, they’re also less than 65 calories per cup and vegan – the perfect guilt-free snack!
Like all of Doisy & Dam’s products, these confectionery treats are made and packaged by hand here in the UK. They are made using globally sourced ingredients and the highest quality chocolate.
The Cups are available at WH Smiths, Wholefoods and Boots nationwide and online at