Cigar and London Sights

On Friday I did my first (of many to come hopefully) cigar walks after work.

The weather was picking up (and has since got cold again) so I thought it would be a good time to light up a Don Diego Aniversario and take a stroll through London.

Living in this city, you find that you only walk looking down and never take the time to look up and enjoy the sites.

I set my Ipod to shuffle and began my journey. My walk started off through Soho as I lit up and proceeded down Wardour Street.

The ipod started off with some old skool Notorious BIG, leading into Pitbull with some reggaeton mixed in.

The cigar started off quite sharp and bitter, which wasn’t a good start. The burn was even and the pull was perfect, I persevered through the sharp taste as I was sure the flavour would open up. Along the way I walked past Floridita that has a walk in humidor/ cigar bar.

As I got to the bottom of the street, I walked past the new luxurious W Hotel, which looks pretty impressive (I will be reviewing the hotel soon)

Cutting via a few backstreets I found myself on Trafalgar Square and the view was breathtaking. By now the sun was setting, I was a third into the cigar and the flavours had really opened up.

By now the iPod had switched to Lenny Kravitz – are you going my way as well as some Michael Buble and the setting was a perfect match.

The bitter sharp tastes had disappeared and now I was getting nutty and sweet aromas which were fantastic on the mouth.

I took some time to stop and just enjoy the view of the fountain, the lions and Nelsons Column.

As I watched people pass by in a hurry it was as if I was in slow motion and the world was moving twice as fast.

Following on from Trafalgar square I took a stroll down to Embankment where I walked across the bridge, stopping to take in the London Eye, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

Living in London, you forget how amazing everything looks in the night when its lit up.

As I crossed the bridge I found a place to stand by the riverbank and finished off what was left of the cigar.

As I got to the end, it did start to get strong again, but by now I think my palette had got used to the flavour and I didn’t want it to end.

The cigar ended, I extinguished the last centimetre and got my train at Waterloo. It was a great way to start the weekend and I think once we hit summer, I will be doing them again and hopefully bringing some friends along for the ride.

The cigar had its good parts and bad parts but overall a decent mild smoke – I give it a 5.5. out of 10.

here’s some of the sights I saw on my journey: