Christmas Win… Bottle Cocktails

Greetings readers! COVID. It’s sucks. But thankfully there is still a way to enjoy your favourite premium cocktails. Here is a round-up of some of the best bars and their bottled cocktails…

Tayer + Elementary

Monica Berg and Alex Kratena created their series of bottled cocktails from their critically acclaimed and award-winning bar, Tayēr + Elementary during lockdown. The collection of serves feature popular Tayēr recipes including the Palo Santo Gimlet, Sandalwood Martini and Bergamot Margarita. Each recipe has been kept exactly the same to fully replicate the experience of drinking it at Tayēr. Presented in Tayēr’s signature style, the brown bottles with minimalist label are available in 300ml serves.

Available to take away at the bar or online at The Whisky Exchange – here!


Islington based cocktail bar, Homeboy,  the Home of Modern Irish Hospitality has launched its sleek bottled cocktails, Champagne Paloma, American Cream Soda and Sparkling Strawberry Daiquiri. The three bottles are available to take-away from the bar. Since opening in December 2018, Homeboy has since gone on to receive international and national recognition, having been nominated in the final four for the Best New International Cocktail Bar at Tales of the Cocktail 2019, as well as being ranked number eleven in the Top 50 Cocktail Bars in the UK for 2019.

Available to take away from the bar



Hacha is a destination bar for agave lovers and novices alike, with its evolving menu of 25 different Tequilas, Mezcals and lesser known agave spirits plus a list of sumptuous cocktails and delicious Mexico-inspired small plates. Hacha’s award-winning cocktail, Mirror Margarita is now bottled and available to be enjoyed at home. Since its launch, the bar has released different expressions of the cocktail including Keffir Lime and Himalayan Salt.

For more information, and to order click here.


Soho based cocktail bar, Swift, has launched its bottled cocktail delivery service, to bring their elegant and award-winning cocktails and the heart of Soho to your door.  The Swift bottle service offers a range of cocktails, such as their Pear Collins, Solstice Spritz, Ruffian Old Fashioned, Red Studio Milk Punch, and Whisky Highball. The 500ml bottles are ready to pour and priced at £28. They’re even delivering a make at home Irish coffee kit, which serves 16 for £65! For more information, and to order click here.