Christmas Gift Guide – Fragrances For Him And Her

Smelling good is something we take great detail in here at cut the cap so as its Christmas we thought we would put together a gift guide to buying fragrances this Christmas.

We are no Brian Fantana when it comes to fragrances and musks, but we like to think we have tried a fair few colognes over the years to be able to offer some advice on musks to pick up as Christmas presents.

Whether it’s a Christmas present for him, for her or just for yourself – we got you covered this Christmas with our handy gift guide.

One problem we men face time and time again when buying Christmas presents is “what do other women think about this?” so in order to give you an unbiased opinion I have reeled in my misses to give you a female’s perspective on the fragrances in question. We can tell you what we think but a female opinion is always great to have.

So, let’s get to it:

Gifts For Her

BOSS MA VIE Pour Femme
50ml bottle is available for £42.50 at Debenhams


First up why not treat that special lady to a cheeky bottle of BOSS MA VIE Pour Femme, the new fragrance from Boss parfums.

It’s inspired by the independent spirit of a woman as she pauses to indulge in the simple moments in life; a walk home at dawn, the sun on her skin, the touch of a flower. It is in these moments, when truly treasuring life that the BOSS MA VIE Pour Femme woman is at her most captivating, exuding a glow of femininity and confidence. Fresh, indulgent and fulfilling, the unique perfume and ingredient composition invites you to take the time to really treasure and savour each moment – making Ma Vie the perfect gift for someone special this Christmas.

What the misses says: A very floral autumnal fragrance that isn’t too intrusive. It’s a fresh scent but what I found was you needed to leave it on for a while for the smells to really open up

What I say: A very subtle fragrance for me, but that could be because I like more fuller scents, however I did enjoy the fresh scents I was getting after around 5 minutes.


Lacoste Touch of Pink
50 ml bottle available for £35.70 at Debenhams

Lacoste Touch of Pink Touch of Pink for the feminine woman with a youthful spirit. She selects her outfits carefully – it needs to be pretty and feminine, whilst also conveying a youthful spirit. This fruity floral fragrance celebrates a mood of independence and freedom, with a playful twist. Citrus Orange gives a delicate freshness to the beautiful Jasmine heart

What the misses says: A very summery, fresh and sweet perfume. Definitely something I could wear either in summer, or to remind me of summer. It’s not too over powering and whereas some sweet perfumes can be too sweet, there is a great balance of sweetness and a fruity jasmine scent.

What I say: Agree, its a great summery scent and those sweet and fruity notes really complement each other to create a fragrance that you don’t mind smelling on the lady.

But hang on, its all very well talking about perfumes but we aren’t Zoella. what about something for us, the fellas?

Gifts for Him

Sometimes we might want to put aftershave on our list but we’re not sure which fragrance to go for. Forget standing for hours in Boots trying millions of fragrances. Here’s a selection of mens aftershaves to add to the Christmas list:

BOSS Bottled Collector’s Edition
100ml bottle available for ££44.50 at Boots

Gify guide -boss_bottled_collectors_edition_100ml_inout

Anything that says ‘collector’s edition’ has me sold from the start. It may be because I’m a closet hoarder.

HUGO BOSS celebrates this Christmas with the launch of BOSS Bottled Collector’s Edition. Inspired by HUGO BOSS fashion which has always been synonymous with classic and timeless style, the new Collector’s Edition contains the original classic and entirely masculine fragrance that is unmistakably elegant and stylish with a gun metal grey flacon. The BOSS man defines his own meaning of success.  He is confident and strong but won’t hesitate to reveal his more spontaneous and emotional side. The immediate BOSS fragrance experience is fruity and fresh, but soon develops into a warm woody sensual release.  As timeless and sleek as the fashion house that inspired it, the fragrance is definitively Boss. Bottled.

What the misses says: A light musk thats perfect for a guy that likes those subtle woody scents. Looking at the bottle I imagined it was a more stronger ‘in your face’ style aftershave, but was pleasantly surprised by the subtlety of the fragrance.

What I say: Definitely agree (not because I have to) a great scent that isn’t over powering, I would recommend this fragrance as a general weekday choice of musk. Great for the office or meeting with friends.


James Bond 007 Gold Limited Edition
50 ml available for £17.50 at (It’s sold out in many places to shop around)

007_FL_2014_GOLD_125ml__tif_dl small

James Bond 007 Fragrance Turns Gold for Christmas. For the man who admires Bond’s style – the dangerously sophisticated Signature James Bond 007 Fragrance is the inevitable choice. The Fragrance’s smooth and refined characteristics are represented by deep Vetyver and Lavender. Crisp apple adds a refreshingly light quality that perfectly harmonises the heady Fougere.

What the misses says: Eray has bought the James Bond aftershave every year since it was released and its a great fragrance. This one is no exception, It’s how I like Eray to smell – recommend as a gift for anyone who is into James Bond.

What I say: I love this fragrance so hearing there’s a limited edition released makes me a very happy man (there’s that hoarder in me again). I use 007 James Bond as a great workday fragrance. It has a great scent and whereas other fragrances that have been released to tie in with a film / singer etc may become tacky, 007 has stood the test of time, because it generally is a great scent and not just a gimmick. If you want to test it out, head to a department store, spray it on and ask someone you know what they think of it without telling them what it is – guarantee they will like it.

Lacoste L!VE! for the creative man this Christmas
100ml available for £39.95 at Debenhams


Lacoste L!VE is all about invoking the playful, innovative spirit of the man behind the crocodile, René Lacoste! Never taking itself too seriously, Lacoste L!VE dares to strike an irreverent tone. René would be proud. The fragrance is blended to inspire creative expression.

The fragrance opens with the intense energy and freshness of lime, awakening your imagination, the green notes of Birch Tree and Green Leaves at the heart of the fragrance accentuate the Lime and, when blended with aquatic notes, give the L!VE scent a feeling of vibrancy. Finally, the smoky warmth of Guaiac Wood, sharp Licorice, and Orris in the base notes of the fragrance envelop with an unexpected elegance and add an inspirational depth that is unmistakably L!VE!

What the misses says: The presentation is great, and the scent is more of a stronger winter fragrance. It’s the smell of man. This fragrance makes a great present.

What I say: This is a fragrance that makes you stand out from the crowd. Those aquatic notes really stand out, Although I probably wouldn’t wear this in summer, it’s a fragrance I could see myself wearing on a night out as you can tell this is a fragrance that won’t fade after an hour.


EAU DE LACOSTE L.12.12 Collection
30ml available for £24.65 at Debenhams

Lacoste L.12.12 BlancEAU DE LACOSTE L.12.12 BLANC: Pure and timeless, this classic fragrance has a clean and crisp scent, whilst Cedarwood and vetiver woody base notes ensure that the scent has a masculine appeal and direction.

What the misses says: The bottle looks classy. The fragrance is a summer fragrance with it’s a crisp fresh smell, however it still stands up as a manly fragrance. I could imagine Eray wearing this while I wear Touch of Pink – His and Hers style.

What I say: I fell in love with the bottle. I love the logo as they have used a material logo of the crocodile. As a cigar smoker cedarwood is a smell I love find in a fragrance so  I was happy to find those woody notes in Eau De Lacoste 12.12 Blanc.


So there you have it, there’s our guide to Christmas fragrances with some added help from a female perspective. We hope this has helped and if you have any further questions, feel free to drop us a line or tweet us @CutTheCap

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and whatever your plans are, make sure you smell good and feel good.