Christmas Gift Guide – Cigar Lighters

‘Twas the night before Christmas and as the day turned into evening and the land became dark, Ebenezer Scrooge realised he was in desperate need of a cigar lighter to smoke his Christmas Eve cigars.

His anger in not preparing, led him on a rampage of craziness and this is how the story was made…..that’s how we heard it.

We don’t want you to end up like Ebenezer this Christmas so thanks to we wanted to put together 3 cigar lighters that make perfect gifts this christmas.

Xikar Double Jet Lighter
Why have one flame when you can have two. This double jet flame lighter that looks like something out of Star Trek is a go-to, all purpose lighter for any cigar size and situation. (Take  that wind).


A great thing about Xikar is the warranty – we are talking lifetime baby. So buy with confidence that Xikar have your back in case there are any problems. Loss is not included in the warranty before you ask.


The lighter comes with a fuel window so you can keep an eye on how much butane gas you have left as well as a large fuel adjustment wheel that adjusts quickly to your preference.

The Xikar Double Jet Lighter comes in a range of colours and is priced at £57.49 at


Colibri Monza Wind Proof Triple Jet Lighter
Some say ‘threes a crowd’ but when it comes to the Colibri Monza Triple Jet lighter, Ménage à 3 wins all day long.

Colibri Triple Jet

This triple jet single action cigar lighter is available in a Christmas red with an anodized finish and a pachmayr grip.
Looking like a detonator from an 80s action movie, this lighter is guaranteed to turn heads this Christmas when you whip it out to light the Christmas candles. Watch out Aunty – this room is about to get hot!.
Colibri Triple Jet_Side
Although Colibri doesn’t offer lifetime warranty like Xikar do, you still get 2 years warranty so you are in good hands. A great cigar for when you are battling high winds like we do all the time here in the UK.
The Colibri Monza Wind Proof Triple Jet Lighter is priced at £69.99 and available at


Xikar Ultra Jet Lighter/ Cutter Combo
Heading back to Xikar and the problem with carrying a lighter and cutter is that sometimes you can forget one at home (happens to us all the time).


Kiss that problem goodbye with the Xikar Ultra Jet Lighter/ Cutter Combo. This cigar smokers accessory features one of XIKAR’s slimmest lighters measuring at 5/8 of an inch with its cutter counterpart magnetically attached, giving you the power to cut and light without shuffling around for two different accessories. Just remember not to leave them separate because that will then kind of ruin the USP.


We’d say this lighter is more for ease than for someone looking to make a statement.

The Xikar Ultra Jet Lighter / Cutter Combo is available in Chrome and Gunmetal priced at £84.99 from

So there you have it, 3 lighters that make great gift ideas this Christmas.
Whatever you choose, whether it’s one of the above or something else, make sure you have a cracking Christmas and remember #SmokeEmIfYouGotEm.

Oh and don’t forget if you do buy a lighter, you are going to need some butane gas – otherwise there will be no playing with their toy on Christmas day – and that can make anyone turn Scrooge.