Herman Ze German chats with Cut The Cap

Its no secret, here at Cut The Cap we’re big fans of a little place called Herman Ze German and having covered their opening on Old Compton street, to the Halloween Chilli Currywurst Roulette, to the Valentines Day ‘S-boil’ we can safely say they are the purveyors of the best German sausage in London, (and probably the UK!)

So you can imagine our excitement when Herman’s people got in contact and asked if we’d like to interview him (and my him they actually meant the brainchild and co-founder of Herman Ze German, Florian Frey).

Before we begin for those that don’t know, Herman Ze German was born out of Florian and Azadeh’s huge passion for food and after starting a small business in Brighton the business grew into touring festivals, and now their two flagship restaurants in London. Each wurst is made from traditional German recipes, using free-range meat sourced from family-run, quality butchers in Germany’s Black Forest.

They have become an authority on authentic German sausages and cuisine and even featured on Jamie Oliver’s television programme. Claudia Schiffer was even seen tasting the homeland in London! So now you know.

The following actually happened, we asked the questions and everything. Its real, enjoy. We did!

CTC: First things first whats makes a wurst a wurst? 
HZG: Bit of a strange question but I would say the shape and the filling which is ideally finely ground good quality meat, spices and nothing else!

CTC: What inspired you to create Herman Ze German? 
HZG: We realised that not many people in the UK have tried a really great quality Wurst yet and wanted to share that. They only knew about the boring wurst from the christmas markets. Initially we just wanted to show all our friends the food we loved but we soon started Herman ze german as it was so popular.

CTC: Where did the name come from? 
HZG: The name was born on a drunken night out with some really good friends. First it was Herman the German but with some help from our designer the magical ‘ze’ was the kick it needed to be successful.

CTC: We love to pair things on the site – drink, food, cigars… what are your best wurst and drink combinations? and why?
HZG: Currywurst with Pommes and a bottle of Rothaus Lager. It is just so good! Really addictive. You will not forget the taste after the first time you tried it and you keep on wanting it.

Great stuff, we’ll be sure to order that next time we’re in. Now some VERY important questions coming, and there might be prize for those that remember certain dates… *wink*

CTC: Can you supply private parties/offices? If so whats the deal?!
HZG: We do offer catering and it’s been really popular. Best thing is to send an email to catering@herman-ze-german.co.uk and we’re tailor to the event.

CTC: On the parties front – would you host private parties?! Maybe a Cut The Cap Nov 5th, birthday party? 
Definitely! We started Herman ze German on festivals so we love that kind of atmosphere.

Excellent stuff, we’ll make a note to drop you a line and get the celebrations sorted! Now for some quick fire, fun questions…

CTC: What’s the biggest wurst you’ve ever made?
HZG: The ‘s-boil your partner’ to share as the valentines special. It was a 55cm long, boiled smokey pork wurst.

CTC: If you could make any type of wurst that doesn’t currently exist what would it be?
We would/will make one which has our currysauce already in the wurst. That would/ will be amazing!

CTC: We love gluten free food so big thumbs up that ze sausages are but is there anything else on the menu that fits that description?
HZG: We do offer gluten-free pommes frites. We also make a really tasty salad with cucumber, apples & carrots and a delicious dressing. Best thing is to have any sausage with salad and pommes frites.


So there you have it people. We have parties, currysauce filled wurst and a whole lot of sausage loving coming our way! If you want to check outwhat all the fuss is about you can try Florian’s finest at either 19 Villiers Street, WC2N 6NE or 33 Old Compton Street, W1D 5JU.