Celebrations at Cut The Cap

Today I have had some some great news, and no it wasn’t getting a dispatch email for my cigars. (Although that was pretty sweet)

I just received the news that my first cousin who I think of like a sister has given birth to a healthy baby boy.

As you can imagine Cut The Cap towers are in full party mode. Not only do we have a boy we can pass the cigar tradition to, but we also can use this experience to light up a celebration cigar.

I think this warrants a Hoyo De Monterrey Double Corona!

I also had to blog about what I ordered for him. I went to nippazwithattitude.com and ordered him a nice little baby grow and bib. I don’t want to give away what I ordered in case his dad reads this, but I will post a pic of lil’Man in his outfit when it arrives.

They had some pretty good stuff. I wanted to get the ‘Notorious BIB’ bib but opted for something even better.
I promise I won’t brag about baby clothes much more (as its not really what we should be talking about) but check out the site. It makes men shopping for baby clothes look cool!

Cigars at the ready. Welcome to the world Seth Bekir Simon!