Celebrate National Rum Day With Havana Club

This Sunday see’s National Rum day once again creep its head around as rum lovers all across this fine nation raise a glass to celebrate the liquid we all love.

While the weather here in the UK may not be the tropical heat that complements a glass of rum, our friends at Havana Club have put together an guide to where you can find an authentic Cuban mojito this Sunday to celebrate International rum day.

They have marked all the bars in London that have been ‘Certified’ by Havana Club. (Sounds like something we would love to have on our CV).

The Certification Programme is celebration of the Mojito, but only those that are made the authentic Cuban way – no fancy ingredients or ‘twists’, just the freshest ingredients and Havana Club 3 Anos.

So if you are stuck for where to celebrate National Rum Day this Sunday then have a look at this below map and tweet us a pic of yourself raising a glass.

Havana Club Certified London Map - JPEG

But wait a minute, what about the people who can’t make it to one of the bars on Sunday. Fear not for you can make your own Havana Club Mojito in your very own home using these simple steps.


Like we mentioned before, there are no special ingredients needed, just the passion for Cuban rum and of course the ingredients needed to make a mojito.

Havana Club Recipe Card

And in case you still need help, here’s a video straight from Cuba on how to make an authentic Havana Club Mojito, the La Bodeguita way:

We will be making mojitos at home this Sunday and will be enjoying a Cuban cigar to complement it (would be rude not to) so we look forward to seeing you all celebrating.

Happy National Rum Day.