Caorunn Gin: A fresh twist on a classic G&T

At Cut The Cap we got our hands on the latest Caorunn concoction: The Spring Herbs G&T. We’ve kept an eye on this Gin ever since it started winning awards through 2013, 2014, and only now have we got round to sampling in all its glory…


Pronounced Ka-Roon, Caorunn Gin is a small batch Scottish gin available in all good UK supermarkets and well worth trying to break away from the ordinary. It features crisp, fruity notes but stuck out for its floral aroma. Pairing with the apple draws out a sweetness in the gin.

Mixed with celery and apple, the gin is transformed into a fresher, wilder taste and certainly offers up something not tasted before. Caorunn Gin infuses five locally foraged botanicals and hence the different notes that hit the senses in this cocktail.

Adding Szechuan pepper gives the cocktail a punch, we coated the celery in the grains for our version.

Whilst the drink is intended for Spring, we enjoyed the cocktail in the London sunshine and feel it could be a winner this summer. Don’t hold back on the ice.

The spirit is handcrafted using natural resources from a pristine boreal forest in the Scottish Highlands, Caorunn Gin is wildly sophisticated in both its heritage and taste. Gather a group, get mixing, and enjoy.

Want the recipe for this sophisticated mix? Look no further!

Caorunn Spring Herbs Gin & Tonic

A fresh and zesty cocktail with floral, peppery notes, complemented by a crisp, tart green apple garnish


1 part Caorunn Gin

2 parts premium tonic water

1 thin celery stalk

1 Granny Smith apple

Grated Szechuan black pepper

Method: Build ingredients over cubed ice

Garnish: Thin (10inch) celery stalk, coated with black pepper and Granny Smith green apple slice


Try yourself: Caorunn Gin is available in selected Waitrose , Tesco and Sainsbury’s stores along with Oddbins, The Whisky Shop, The Conran Shop, Harvey Nichols, Fortnum and Mason, Spirited Wines and spirit specialists; RRP £27

Check out Caorunn’s site, twitter, facebook for more info!