Canvas – Sensory Bar Experience at Home

Launching this month in partnership with a series of bartenders, is Canvas, a
a sensory cocktail bar experience designed for your home…

SO what is it? Developed to offer an authentic, 360° cocktail bar experience at home, Canvas believes that a great cocktail experience is more than just about the liquid in a glass; instead, it seeks to engage all the senses, celebrating the setting, sounds and service that makes for a truly great cocktail experience.

Unlike other cocktail delivery kits, Canvas works with some of the best bartenders in the industry
to create sensory experiences, designed to truly bring the bar to life at home. Each Canvas box
comprises of three sections to create an immersive bar experience that goes beyond just the
cocktails. To bring each bar concept to life the boxes will contain a selection of snacks, pre-mixed
cocktails and thoughtful extras to add to the ambience, such as candles, room sprays and QR
codes linking to handpicked soundtracks. There is also a menu, a link to a video of the bartender
talking through his or her cocktail creations, and some suggestions of how to make the most of
the Canvas box.

Each Canvas box that launches will contain the ‘bar’ concept of a different bartender, making
each release a one-off exclusive experience. Working in this way also provides bartenders who
might not otherwise have the means, particularly in the current climate, to demonstrate their
creativity and vision of a bar concept. Canvas boxes will be launched throughout the year, with
announcements made via the website and social media channels.

The Debut Canvas Box: Primavera by Ed Procter

Primavera, the first box from Canvas, is inspired by bar and restaurant manager Ed Procter’s time
living and working in Barcelona, Spain. The name, which means “spring” in Catalan, nods to Ed’s
time as restaurant manager at Spring restaurant in Somerset House, London, where he
discovered his love for working with simple, homemade ingredients to create new takes on his
favourite cocktails. Primavera celebrates the Catalan tradition of aperitivo, which marks the
transition from day to night with a pre-dinner drink. The box includes a number of touches to
help bring this aperitivo ritual to life including bespoke coasters inspired by the architecture of
Barcelona and a Fig Leaf Negroni that breathes new life into an aperitivo classic.

How to order

To order the latest canvas box, people must be signed up to the canvas guestlist via
Reservations then open for 24 hours, during which time those on the guestlist can book their
“place at the bar” and order their Canvas box. Boxes are then shipped out two to three weeks
after the reservation is made. In the interest of sustainability, this system is designed to reduce
waste – it means Canvas only produces the number of boxes required to fulfil the orders.
Packaging is also recyclable where possible.
The guest list to join Canvas is now live, and reservations for the first box – Primavera – will open
on 1st March. Please visit for more details, or follow @barsbycanvas on Instagram.