Burns Night: Lockdown 3.0 Plan…

Burns Night is on the horizon, and we’re all looking for something fun to break through the monotony of Lockdown 3.0.
Whilst we can’t quite enjoy celebrations as normal, if you’re still planning on giving an Address to a Haggis on Monday 25th January, we’ve picked out some delicious drams and crafty cocktails for a DIY Burn’s Night at home.

Whether you’re a purist and favour a whisky on the rocks, or want to get creative with cocktails, whether you’re in the mood for something light and refreshing, or even if you fancy experimenting and moving away from whisky altogether, we’ve got something for you…


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Recently launched in the UK, Stauning – a premium whisky from Denmark’s West Coast – is a new world whisky. Shaking up the whisky category, new world whiskies blend tradition with innovation, to create spirits which capture the essence of their origin’s culture in every dram. Marrying a mix of old and new-world methods, Stauning’s innovative whiskies are made from local grain, floor-malted in-house at the distillery on the Danish west coast. There are three expressions – 
Kaos,  with notes of pear, sweet apple, quince jam and hazelnut, leading to dusty, smoky spices and a zesty, peppery finish.
Peat, which is bright and fruity with a subtle smoky finish, and;
Rye, which is smooth and full-bodied but nuanced whisky whose cereal notes shine through, leading to a long, smooth, fruity and sweet finish. Enjoy each on the rocks or in a whisky cocktail such as the:

After Dinner Tea
20 ml Stauning Kaos
20 ml Creme de Cacao
30 ml Double Cream
20 ml Sugar Syrup
15 ml Earl Grey reduction

Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker, fill with ice and shake until chilled. Double strain into a Coupe glass and garnish with grated chocolate.

Available to purchase from Master of Malt | Stauning Rye – £56.95 | Stauning KAOS – £59.95 | Stauning Peat – £82.95


In the mood for something fresher than a whisky on the rocks, then go for Glasshouse Whisky, a bright and fruity spirit specifically designed for long drinks. Definitely not one to be stored away gathering dust on the shelf, Glasshouse is blended with the whisky highball in mind – a mix of whisky and soda water – perfect if you want to mark the occasion of Burns Night but fancy something lighter.

Glasshouse Highball
1 part Glasshouse,
3 parts soda water.
Served long over ice. Simple!

Available via glasshouse-whisky.com, 70cl for £29


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If you’re a fan of whisky notes but are looking to experiment with something else, then VIVIR Anejo is one for you. This subtly smoky tequila is bold enough to be enjoyed neat as though sipping a whisky, or in classic cocktails such as an Espresso Martini or an Old Fashioned. Aged for eighteen, months which adds yet more depth to the colour and flavour profile, the smoky American Oak barrel helps the liquid develop a richer caramel tone, with gentle woody notes which are met with a smooth and creamy mouthfeel.

Enjoy this beauty in its purest form – simply pour into a rocks glass with a large ice cube. Sip. And Savour.

Available from Master of Malt, 70cl for £39.95

So there you have it, 3 great ways to enjoy Burn’s Night at home. Let’s us know what you’ll be doing in the comments below or tag us in your pictures @cutthecap. Until next time…