Bolivar Gold Medal

Last week, I had the chance to try the Bolivar Gold Medal while out with family.

Being a big fan of the Belicosos Finos, I was a little sceptical that a smaller cigar from the range could live up to expectations.
I’ve always wondered if the extra gold wrapping was a tactic employed by Bolivar to dress up the cigar and make it more visually attractive, hence my reservations with trying it.

One of my main questions I ask myself when it comes to cigars is ‘if the company has spent loads trying to make the cigar visually appealing, then what’s wrong with the cigar?

However, once again I was pleasantly surprised. The cigar lit perfectly, and after the first third, the cigar really opened up and the flavours started coming through.

I was getting leather hints throughout the smoke, and found the cigar to be very earthy and towards the end, I was getting hints of cinnamon and Vanilla.

The smoke lasted around an hour, and I knew I had enjoyed it as I was still smoking it down to the last centimetre.

Although not a particularly strong cigar, the cigar had flavour throughout, and was a pleasant smoke from start to end. I still prefer the Belicosos Finos, however I’m 100% I will be smoking Gold Medals in the near future.

I wouldn’t recommend this cigar to a novice smoke, as this is something you would only appreciate when you know what you are looking for in a cigar (if that makes sense)

Also the wrapper is a nightmare to seperate with the band, if you like to keep your bands on while you smoke your cigar

The Bolivar Gold Medal has a ring gauge of 42 and measures 165 x 16.67 mm. They are available in box’s of 10.