Björk Album/iPad app

It seems world famous Icelandic singer is jumping on the app bandwagon with her new album Biophilia.

The singer has stated she intends to educate whilst entertain music lovers in new and exciting ways. The world first app album is sure to stir up new interest in the iPhone generation and link her music to a new demographic.

With the Apple app store growing larger every day, this innovative new method will provide purchasers with not only the music from the album, but interactive games, viewing the score of tracks, and even allowing budding DJ’s to create their very own remixes of the songs.

The app itself is a free Download with 9 tracks as in-app purchases, a growing trend in the iOS world since its introduction and has lead to a huge growth in ‘freemium’ apps, which are free to download but offer the user the ability to enhance the app experience through premium content purchases.

Hit up the link below for the app:

Björk: Biophilia