Beyonce – Run the world (Girls)

Last night the video premièred for Beyonce’s new track.

I’ve got to say the track is a bit sloppy. Here’s how I think the track came to be…

Ring ring (that’s the telephone)

Beyonce: hello
Record label: B, it’s been a while we need to release a song
Beyonce: but I don’t have anything
Record Label: just look at the last track you listened to on your ipod, download the instrumental and sing over it

Beyonce: OK

Ring Ring

Major Lazer: hello
Record Label: Hey Beyonce wants to sample your track, can she?
Major Lazer: hell yeahhhhhh!

And here we have it.

I’ve got to say the production is sloppy. It should be Major Lazer featuring Beyonce.

And the video looks like it could be edited a bit more!

No offense to Beyonce as she is a brilliant artist but the label should have invested in original production

Oh, and the illuminate enthusiasts are going to have a field day with this video