The Best Video Tribute To Robin Williams

The world (and us) is still in shock with the passing of comedy legend Robin Williams. He was an actor who touched all of our hearts growing up, and we’ve just seen a tribute video which we think is probably the best tribute to him.

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Robin Williams gave us laughter, love and entertainment and we will miss his improv style acting. We can remember growing up watching his energy on screen thinking ‘how on earth can one make have so much charisma, comedic timing and emotion?’ He was able to make you laugh one minute and with 20 seconds draw you in to an emotional scene and you wouldn’t even realise.

Most of all he showed us that it’s ok to be a little crazy with one of his most used quotes at the news of his death:

“You’re only given one little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.”

As you can tell we’re big fans of Robin Williams mainly because we are children of the 80s. We could speak all day on how upset we are about the passing of Robin Williams, but we’d rather just click play to this video and remember the amazing talent of the man.

RIP Robin Williams