Arnold Schwarzenegger fined for smoking in an Austrian Airport

It’s been reported that Arnie has been fined around 200 euros a piece for lighting up at Graz and Salzburg during a visit to his mother country in June.

The ex-governor may get away without paying the penalties as Austria and the United States have no cooperation agreement on these type of offences.

It seems since his recent scandal, he’s in a ‘I don’t care’

However, the Krone Zeitung said Graz authorities will not stop to get their money and have sent the fines to the US embassy in Vienna with the aim of bringing the celebrity to account for contravening its smoking law (they’re just as bad as my local council)

Arnie’s been a bad boy this year already with all the headlines over his divorce from Maria Shriver, after admitting in that he had fathered a child with the couple’s former housekeeper.

I hope the cigar was worth it. There’s nothing worse than lighting up and then having to put it out 5 minutes later.