Arnold Schwarzenegger confirms he’s back

He said ‘I’ll be back’ and he is.

Time to light up the cigars and get to zee chopper as Arnie is coming back to acting.

The ex governor of California took to twitter to announce that his agency CAA have the green light to start looking at projects.

Arnold Schwarzenegger twitter

CAA is his talent agency, which will now be taking offers from filmmakers to appear in films.

According to, Schwarzenegger previously revealed that he has been looking at three different scripts, including one called “With Wings as Eagles,” which is written by Randall Wallace (Braveheart, We Were Soldiers).

It’s based on the true life story of a German officer who doesn’t agree with his Nazi party and instead helps American POWs escape. Schwarzenegger would play the officer.

Arnie has been known to favour the Cohiba, but not sure if there were any in WW2??