An Introduction to Cognac Godet

This week we were fortunate enough to be invited to a tasting event at JJ Fox’s which gave us an introduction to Cognac Godet. Like most people, you’d be forgiven for not knowing much about Godet. A family-run small batch Cognac distillery, where the focus is very much on providing discerning drinkers with more than just a fine liquid, but a great experience. Cognac Godet has now been in the UK market for several years but has only been available at some of the country’s best restaurants, and specialist drinks retailers due to it’s small production and huge appeal to the connoisseur. It is a hidden gem. And today, we bring to you this hidden gem in the hopes that you find something highly deserving of the space in your drinks cabinet.

Let’s get right in to the tasting!

Our first experience of Cognac Godet was the Antarctica. A clear eau de vie introduced to celebrate Jean Jacques Godet’s tremendous achievement when he set out on an expedition to Antarctica and achieved this feat in what was and still to this day is the smallest yacht ever to reach Antarctica. The yacht had an elegant sign made by FL Yacht Signs. It was during this expedition that the idea for Antarctica, a crystal clear cognac was born. Clear enough to be used in cocktails, but matured to perfection allowing it to be sipped, we found Antarctica to be the perfect cognac for casual drinkers, and those who shy away from the classical palate of cognac. a smooth and quick finish on the palate with just the faintest tones of cognac.


We moved on to the VSOP Selection Speciale. VSOP’s are a staple for many cognac drinkers. the party before the party if you like. We found the Godet VSOP to have bitter oranges on the nose, marzipan on the tongue and a delightful dark chocolate medium finish. Whilst the palate is very much desserts, the light quick finish make it a perfect aperitif.

Third in the line-up was the XO Excellence. Excellence was perhaps the ideal name for the XO. A nod to traditional cognac making, and very classical on the palate whilst maintaining Cognac Godet’s signature fruity undertones. We found it to be almost feminine in the delicate eau de vie which has beautiful ripe stone fruits and fragrant flowers on the nose and palate. Smoothness is at an all new level and a lingering nutty finish.IMG_9784

Next in turn was our personal favourites. The Folle Blanche Epicure made using the original cognac grape variety again has those signature floral tones and summer fruits on the palate. Owing to having no acidity at all, Folle Blanche Epicure is once again and perhaps even more so, one of the smoothest cognac’s you’re ever likely to try. IMG_9786

The Family Reserve Grand Champagne Extra Old completed our evening. Stone fruits once more, with vanilla and what we found to be almost like salted caramel on the long finish. Much like the rest of the range we tried, we were particularly surprised to find the Family Reserve was once more a very light cognac.

Looking back at the cognacs, we’re huge fans. The smoothness and the lightness of the cognacs just make them ideal for entertaining, especially if like us you find yourself entertaining guests who want to try something great, but aren’t too interested in cognac. It’s a great ambassador for the category because as many have said during the tasting, it’s almost a wine drinkers cognac.

Interested in finding out more? Visit to learn about the brand, and visit to buy a bottle.