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I’ve been welcomed into the Cut the Cap family with open arms so thought it was about time I popped my cherry and did my first ever blog post…
‘First ever’ is actually very fitting for me at the moment was I’ve embarked on a 30 Day Challenge like no other. Throughout the whole of September I’ll be doing something I’ve never done before each day. Over the coming days I hope you enjoy the trials and tribulations that have so far bought the world ’30 Slaps by 30 Girls’,
drinking 6 raw eggs [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wwrEqak8QI&feature=related] and learning to be a Jedi.
ManAboutTown_UK Day 7: Be a Jedi

Sometimes it’s mentally hard, other times physically tough but today it was both!
Today, day 14, is where the bar was raised and things got really interesting. I was challenged to abseil down one of Londons tallest building – Guys Hospital Tower, standing at 440 feet I wasn’t looking forward to this!
Thankfully I had two partners in crime… the beautiful Lisa Snowdon and the equally lovely Emma Pryer from Love it magazine.
The three of us had been given the opportunity to do it thanks to JustTextGiving to new service from the great folks at JustGiving.com that allows you to send a free text to donate – what could be simpler?

Insert my plug – I’m doing my challenges to raise money for Cancer Research UK. You can donate by texting SEPT60 70070 plus an amount. For example SEPT60 £2.

So after a brief training session and plenty of words of encouragement we headed to the 35th floor of the tower… gulp!
I found it hard to take in the amazing views as I was pretty much blanking everything out. All I knew we were high and rope had become by new best friend.
One by one Lisa went over follow by Emma and they both made it safely to the ground, up next me. Frasier (the instructor) comment ‘the girls have done it, don’t let the men down’. Great no pressure then!
Thankfully I had my copy of ZOO magazine to read just before I started to settle my nerves. Thanks to Alice Goodwin on that one.
Needless to say, I too survived the abseil can and report back its only hell of an experience!

If you want to give it a go contact Over the Edge at http://www.overtheedgeadventures.co.uk/

I’m @ManAboutTown_UK and I work for FHM and ZOO – follow me to keep up with my crazy goings on… or just to have someone to poke fun at.

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