2pac lives on – as a hologram anyway

Check out the awesome video that has been doing the rounds online from Coachella festival.

It features a hologram of 2pac performing live alongside Snoop (who is real life)

2pac or Tupac Shakur was shot 7 times in September 1996, and after 7 days in hospital he died on Friday 13th September at 4.03pm. (Notice the use of 7 here allot?)

2pac was signed to Deathrow records and part of the East Coast West Coast violence that plagued hip hop in the mid 90’s.

Could this be the future of live concerts? We’ve already seen a Frank Sinatra show using holograms so this could be the future.
I for one would love to see this as I was unfortunate to have never seen 2pac live.

Who could be next? Elvis?