Weekend Smoke – Bolivar No 1

This weekend, the British weather was good to us so I decided to make use of what was left of the summer and light up….To the humidor

Since my holiday my stock has gone down, however while I was away I managed to pick up a Bolivar Number 1.

Being a big fan of the Belicosos Finos, I was very much looking forward to seeing if the younger brother would live upto expectations.

Usually I’m not a fan of tubed cigars (not sure why, I have no reason) but something inside made me pick up this cigar when I was out shopping.

From the moment I lit up, I could taste the leathery hints mixed with Sweet Vanilla and cedar wood.

The cigar did not disappoint at all, and was an even burn throughout; with the taste amplifying the more it burned.

It’s not a usual Cigar I would go for, and I do still prefer the Belicosos Finos, however for a quicker 35-40 minute smoke, I was very happy with the tastes it left in my mouth.