The Dark Knight Rises new Images and Video

As we scramble to book tickets and ensure we are the first of our firends to see the new Batman film ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, today we’ve been sent some amazing banners from the film that we had to share with you all. (You know we are a sucker for a poster)

For the last few weeks the buzz around this movie has been insane at CTC towers. On top of being sent these images, we also caught the new TV spot featuring comedian Tom Lennon telling Batman how bad he has damaged himself over the years. You didn’t think he was invincible did you?

As we admire these images let’s take a moment to breathe and prepare ourselves for The Dark Knight Rises.
We cannot wait to see this film and we have heard whispers that the official Facebook page and on Twitter @TDKRMovieUK they may be offering the chance to win tickets to see the film first so check them out as quick as you can.

The Dark Knight Rises hits Cinemas on July 20th

For now here are the banners:

And here is the new TV Spot:

[embedplusvideo height=”343″ width=”560″ standard=”″ vars=”ytid=PayRJfUvK3Q&width=560&height=343&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep9395″ /]

Cue excited screaming girl noise!