Sony PlayStation 3 Blinking red light of death

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they have to say goodbye to a cherished loved on, whether it’s a pet or a favourite pair of trainers.

And this week I learnt the true meaning of loss when my PlayStation 3 died.

It suffered what is known as “The red blinking light of death” and in short what happens is your fan overheats causing the console to shut down and flash red.

After trying what I refer to as ‘the man test’ (switching it off from the mains and back on again) I found this didn’t work.

After doing some research and asking friends via social media, it seems there are various companies set up to fix such problems but on reflection, you’ll be paying a fair chunk of money and there is a chance it could happen again.

So with that in mind it was off to the nearest GAME store to pick up a fresh one.

It is a sad day at Cut The Cap HQ as we say goodbye to a close friend who was there for the good times, the bad times, the awesome times and generally all the time.

We even put together a small video to show how the blinking red light of death looks:

Enjoy and I pray this never happens to anyone:
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