Smith & Sinclair Unveil New Vodka Cocktail Confectionary Selection

Smith & Sinclair is crowdfunding the world’s first edible alcohol shop (yep you read right), and will be partnering with London Cocktail Week from the 5th – 11th October where they will be debuting their latest cocktail innovations.

Sweets and cocktails – what more could you ask for?

As part of this they are proud to reveal a new collection of vodka pastilles to join its revolutionary range of alcoholic cocktail confectionery.

Smith & Sinclair’s edible pastilles retain 6-8% ABV and deliver layer upon layer of flavour with a subtle alcoholic kick. Greta to have in your draw at work we reckon.

The vodka selection offers a British twist on two classic cocktails, Rhuby Mule, a vodka, rhubarb and ginger pastille coated in sour lime sugar, and Long Island Ice Tea, a vodka, black tea and rum pastille coated in a raspberry infused sugar.


Since its whirlwind launch last year as the first food product to be sold on the alcohol shelf, Smith & Sinclair now retails nationwide in Harvey Nichols, Fenwicks and more. The pastilles have proved to be so popular the brand have now launched a crowdfunding campaign to provide the world with it’s very first edible alcohol shop, which will have all the charm of a sweet shop combined with Smith & Sinclairs expansive knowledge of premium spirits. And that is something we definitely endorse.

To find out more visit Alongside this Smith & Sinclair is partnering with London Cocktail Week on October 5th – 11th, hosting a stand at Old Spitalfields Market, where they plan to debut exciting innovations in the realm of cocktails.  For more information on Smith & Sinclair please visit the website.

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Speaking about the new collection, co-founder and product creator Emile says: “We’ve taken two well-known vodka cocktail classics and put a very British spin on them for our new vodka range. We’ve seen a resurgence of ginger in cocktails and the Moscow Mule is becoming a firm favourite amongst vodka drinkers. To give it a twist we decided to pair the flavours of lime and ginger with the cutting, clean qualities of rhubarb and the Rhuby Mule was born. Our second cocktail is Long Island Iced Tea, which has been given a high tea makeover with black tea bitters and coated in raspberry infused sugar, reminiscent of afternoon tea and jam. As you can probably tell… We’re after the royal stamp of approval here'”

Grab yours today from their online shop and don’t forget to save us some: