Scarface – We hardly knew ye?

At the weekend, I caught a documentary on the Bio Channel about Al Pacino which led me to dust off my Scarface DVD and give it a watch.

I forget how big this film is and why it is so iconic. The 80s clothing, the soundtrack, the cars, the drugs, the violence, that poor tiger that was chained to a tree, its all makings of a great movie.

One thing I loved was that the Columbians had a suitcase that was custom made to fit 2 kilo’s of yayo and a chainsaw. Now I know what to get my drug dealing Lumberjack friend that has it all!!

I did however feel sorry for the freaky puppet entertainer that gets shot while dancing to Frank Sinatra, he just wanted to dance!!

As the film finished part of me wondered if somewhere in Hollywood a studio exec was also watching the film thinking if they could make a sequel.

If they were too, this is what I think would happen:

Elvira was pregnant when she left Tony
She has a son
The child is a troublemaker
He grows up hearing tales about his dad and the Montana name
He finds out how to get to Sosa
He finds Sosa
He forgives him

The End