REVIEW: Berners Tavern

This week we were invited to review Berners tavern and sample their culinary delights.

Berners Tavern is situated within the newly opened London Edition Hotel, located just of Oxford Street in central London.

Upon entering the hotel, we were greeted with friendly staff who were on hand to help us in any way possible. We stood for a few minutes to absorb the scale of the hotel lobby, with high ceilings, a bar set up in the corner for cocktails and quick drinks, a pool table with comfy seating for those looking to unwind and a bank of Macs for those wishing to check in on Facebook, the lobby in itself is enough to make your jaw hit the ground.

Making our way through to Berners Tavern via the connecting entrance, we were once again greeted by the very friendly staff.

Just walking into the restaurant is mesmerising in itself. The restaurant can be described like a mix of The Great Gatsby and a New York runway. To say the staff were a good looking bunch is an understatement, and their attentiveness was second to none. The high detailed ceilings remind you of a royal building, making you feel like you are behind closed doors of a private members club.

We took our seats and were presented with the menu. Trying to opt for something different we ordered the ‘Egg, Ham and Peas’

Before you say WTF! These aren’t just any eggs, they are deep fried Clarence court duck eggs with mushy peas and crispy Cumbrian Ham.

The egg is served upright and with a soft yolk. Having never tried it before I was amazed at how light the egg was and in no way over powering of the flavours of the mushy peas and ham.

To wash the start down, we opted for a ‘Cereal Killer’ which instantly became our new favourite drink. Arguably one of the best cocktails we have ever had.

Havana Club rum (naturally) white chocolate, Kahlua, chocolate bitters, cocopops milk served in a milk bottle with a candy striped straw. We can assure you it was as tasty as you think it is. The chocolate flavours coming through really complemented the rum and with the added ingredient of cocopops milk it almost takes you back to your childhood when you would drink the left over milk after your cocopos. Worth going back just for the ‘Cereal Killer’.

Berners Tavern Cereal Killer4

Onto the main we went for the fillet steak cooked medium rare and weighing in at 225g. A perfect size and cooked to perfection this chunk of meat is delivered on a slab and tasted divine. The meat was so tender it could have been cut with a fork alone. And when the meat was chewed it flowed down like a fine red wine.

Served with chunky chips cooked in duck fat and a choice of Bearnaise or peppercorn sauce was the perfect accompaniments to a flawless steak.

Moving onto Dessert and although it was a Monday we decided to throw our January diet out of the window and treat ourselves to a Caramel apple and Calvados éclair with Devon cream served with salted caramel ice cream.

The best way to sum this up is “moment on the lips, lifetime on the hips” and it was worth it for that 1 moment.

The Devon cream was so fresh it made you want more, and the salted caramel ice cream was the perfect complement for the éclair.

Berners Tavern has very quickly cemented itself as the in place to be and with the amazing service and high quality food, this place definitely talks the talk but also walks the walk. We’d recommend Berners Tavern for a special occasion, client lunch or if you just want some great quality food and cocktails.

Check them out here: London Edition Hotel