Man About Town – 30 Days has September Challenge

As you may know fellow writer Luke aka Man About Town ( @ManAboutTown_UK ) is doing a challenge everyday in September for charity.

So far he’s done some pretty ridiculous stuff including getting a back, sack and cack, climbing the BT Tower, learning to be a Jedi and then on day 18, a personal favourite at Cut the Cap Towers, saw him fulfilling every girls dream to be a model for ZOO magazine.
Well not quite but he managed to get in a shot with the incredibly hot ZOO girl Brandy Brewer.

 It’s unconfirmed whether he will be photo-shopped out and replaced with a nice couch, log or just a bench, but for 5 minutes he got to feel like a ZOO Girl

Luke can be sponsored at With all proceeds going to Cancer Research UK

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